November has been a very intense month for ICT 4 the elderly as the project is coming to an end at the end of the month. Partners’ meeting, final event, multiplier events in each country, wrapping up and making plans on how to use the results of the project in the future. You can read more about the Belgian event here.

In this blogpost, we will talk about the partners’ final meeting and international event in Geneva. Yes, believe it or not, partners could finally meet face-to-face in Geneva on 12-13th November, after almost two years since the last face-to-face meeting in Ljubljana in the beginning of 2020. The meeting in Geneva was the occasion to close the project, but also to plan the next activities ahead, because our work with the elderly ambassadors does not stop here.

On 12th November partners gathered at the impressive International Conference Centre Geneva for a very productive and enlightening international discussion on the different aspects of digital inclusion of elderly people, with the participation of the Dean of the informatics department of the Haute école de gestion and the Swiss elderly ambassadors. Right after that, they had the privilege to attend TEDxGeneva2021 – the well-known unique TEDx format coupled with the climate change topic. The scene was owned by youth, but older people were not forgotten. They were part of the audience and of some of the solutions proposed.

On the next day, partners met at the premises of the Haute école de gestion de Genève. After a short debriefing of the TEDxGeneva2021 event and the project international event, partners dived into a discussion on the policy recommendations that they want to put forward at the end of the project. They discussed which recommendations are key and decided that in addition to the full document, they will develop a clear and short statement with the main messages.

They also decided to update the training manual by adding a set of golden rules to each module. Those will be the main pieces of knowledge that learners should remember. As one of the partners said, “the golden rules are the things that learners should remember from each module, if they don’t remember anything else”. Other topics on the agenda were the use of the results beyond the end of the project, ways to support the elderly ambassadors in the year to come, the organisation of the closing events in each country, and of course, some administrative and financial issues.

Partners agreed that meeting in person contributed hugely to solving pending issues and doubts and moving forward with our work. All project results will soon be available in the Resources section of this website.