As our ICT4Elderly project was reaching its final stages, Foundation had an opportunity to plan and deliver an international multiplier event in Geneva. To do this, we invited our project partners, senior ambassadors and other stakeholders (e.g. people working directly with the target group, trainers and policymakers) to attend the TEDxGeneva event called “The Tide is Rising” on 12th November 2021.

This event aimed not only at presenting the project to a broader audience but also at allowing the introduction of its different phases, results and main deliverables. People who attended learnt not only about the ICT4Elderly methodology and impact, but also had the possibility to participate in an active and open discussion around topics like: the role of seniors in the digital age, what are the training needs of the senior population has and how do we involve seniors in the construction of projects and curriculums designed to better support them in the digital world. 

The discussion between the participants evolved round two main areas :

  1. Understand co-design with seniors as a policy imperative for all application domains (public or private). We need to set an ambitious agenda on how seniors need to have access to university courses or policy decisions and, at the same time, involve them in a collaborative way when designing new services or applications.  
  2. The ICT4Eldlerly ambassadors have started presenting our work to their own networks. Project partners will make sure that they have support with resources and ideas on how to pusrcus this goal in 2022. 

After the debate, participants of the multiplier event were invited to attend and participate in the TEDxGeneva event. 

This edition was special as the stage was given to the young international generation who are fighting global warming thanks to their vision and actions. The ideas presented seek to change language and narrative towards a more ‘human and everyday’ exchange, so that involvement can be increased, ideas multiplied and action taken. And as usual, we had many surprises in store during this edition (games, exhibition, competition, aperitif, unique moments with our speakers and partners).